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If you have been bitten / seen bed bugs or think you may have bed bugs in your property and want it resolved fast and efficiently, then contact Ryan’s Pest Control Wollongong.

Homes can become infested with bed bugs in a number of ways, but more often than not it is by luggage or clothing from recent travels. They can also be brought into a home through second hand furniture and in extreme cases they can come from adjoining properties. Bed bug infestations that are caught earlier can normally resolved with a single treatment. However if left untreated, their numbers can increase incredibly quickly and may take more than one treatment to resolve.

Our Process:

Ryan's Pest Control will arrive at your property on time. After the initial pest inspection is carried out, Ryan's specialised staff will discuss with the client all options to control your pest infestation. Ryan's staff will then get to work with as little disturbance as possible using environmentally friendly insecticides to treat problem pests. With Ryan's Pest Control you can rest assured that your children and pets will be perfectly safe after the treatment is carried out.

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