Pest Control Wollongong
& Pest Inspection in Wollongong

Superior Pest Control Wollongong.

Looking to protect a new home or treat an older one, consider the advantages of dealing with Ryans

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Servicing greater Wollongong.

Service to greater Wollongong. Ryan’s service – Shellhabour, Albion Park, Warrawong, Coniston, Figtree, Corrimal, Bulli, Thirroul, Coledale, Helensburgh + more

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Cockroach Protection Wollongong

Do you have Cockroaches in your Wollongong premises? Ryan’s Pest Control can sort ’em!

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Your local Wollongong Pest Controller

Have you got problem pest in your property? Contact your local pest expert at Ryan’s Pest Control Wollongong today. Ryan’s have been servicing the Wollongong region for over 20 years. Ryan’s can inpect, target and control your pest problem.

General Pest Control

If you are an owner of a Wollongong home or commercial property then our General Pest Control treatment can keep potential pest a bay.

Cockroaches & Roaches

If you are an owner of a Wollongong home or commercial property then our General Pest Control treatment can keep potential pest a bay.

Bed Bug Pest Control

If you have been bitten / seen bed bugs or think you may have bed bugs in your property and want it resolved fast and efficiently, then contact Ryan’s Pest Control Wollongong.

Spiders Pest Control

The spider treatment offered by Ryan’s Pest Control is an effective process involving applying products and methods specifically developed to control arachnids.

Flea Pest Control

All fleas live as parasites on warm blooded animals, including humans, and although the different species prefer their own host,

Wasp Pest Control

Ryan’s Pest Control removes Bees, Wasps and their nests. Wasp will often build a nest on the eaves of a building. Early removal will keep your home looking its best.

Rats and Mice Pest Control

Ryan’s Pest Control have the latest state-of-art equipment and methods to remove and control the rat and mice infestation.

Bird Pest Control

Birds cause server damage every year to homes, commercial and industrial building in Wollongong.

Silverfish Pest Control

Silverfish are a nuisance pest inside your home or property they can contaminate food, damage paper goods and stain clothing.

Bed Bugs Wollongong

Ryan’s can help rid you mattress and bedding of unwanted Bed Bugs

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Rat's and Mice Pest Control Illawarra

Do you have an unwanted Rat’s and Mice visiting your Wollongong property? Contact Ryan’s

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Spider Pest Control Illawarra

Not just messy, spiders can be deadly. Let Ryan’s Pest Control sort em out.

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3-4 Bedroom Single Storey House Prices

Price includes GST

    $220.00 Includes treatment for:
    • Cockroaches
    • Silverfish
    • Carpet Beetles
    • German Cockroaches
    • Household Webbing Spiders
    $297.00 Includes treatment for:
    • Cockroaches
    • Silverfish
    • Carpet Beetles
    • German, Oriental, Australian & American Cockroaches
    • Household Webbing Spiders
    • Rats & Mice
    • Wasps
    $260.00 Includes treatment for:
    • Fleas internal
    • and external

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